2019 Vendors

Spreading the culture .. Spreading the love.

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Only posers don’t listen to podcasts

Only Posers Don't Listen to Podcasts is a podcast network operated and run by a group of punks from Asbury Park, NJ. There are 2 shows in the current network including the main segment where the network title stems from, "Only Posers Don't Listen To Podcast". The other show in the network is "Edvice". Both shows stem from the same core of friends including founder, Matthew as well as Ed the Punk, Jake, Taylor, Kyle and Joey. They interview bands, artists, businesses and more. Find episodes of both segments on Soundcloud under Only Posers Don't Listen to Podcast. There you can also find an episode of Edvice featuring the Mad Liberation crew and get hyped for the pine barrens. 

Soundcloud- Only Posers Don't Listen to Podcast 




Bandulu Culture Espionage -- @banduluculture

Bandulu Cultural Espionage is a DIY clothing and skateboard label run by artist, Joey Bottino specializing in  small batch/limited releases and one of a kind merchandise. Bandulu is run in conjunction with Breaking the Common Era Zine, an arts and culture zine in print format, hand cut and paste also headed by Joey Bottino.

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Alicia Ferrara

" Alicia Ferrara is an artist based in Claymont, Delaware. She creates marbled clothing and crystal jewelry. The psychedelic designs are created on the surface of water and then transferred to the fabric to achieve fluid like designs.  "



Hailing from Toms River New Jersey, Grim Garden has burst into the local scene with stylish clothing expressing the creative freedom in all of us. Built from scratch by two artist/entrepreneurs, Grim Garden stands with individuals who value the importance of individual creativity and what it means to be truly unique. Aside from clothing, the company also involves itself in the community and works to create a breeding ground for artists and creatives alike. Check out what they have going on on Instagram @grimgardenllc and their website as well grimgardenllc.com

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REEWIRED is a handcrafted jewelry collection founded by Carolina Acevedo, who is an artist from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Each piece of jewelry is intricately made with various metals, crystals, and up-cycled materials that uniquely portray wearable art. REEWIRED was created with the goal to inspire independent artists/entrepreneurs to begin community collaborations through all forms of creative expression.



 I have over 7 years of experience riding unicycles all up and down the east coast, and I've been teaching and giving lessons on how to ride for as long as I can remember. Seeing how this is MAD LIBERATION FESTIVAL, I thought hmm... What better way to help make the most out of our people's 3 day liberation retreat, rather than doing it on one wheel? For me, riding a unicycle is way more than just being a spectacle, or having a hobby...its extremely relaxing, therapeutic, it's an amazing leg and core workout! Im here to help bridge the gap between fear and liberation, 1 hour with me, and it can help change the rest of your life indefinitely, and for the better!


The Terp Tent

“The Terp Tent” and will feature glass pipes, vape batteries, rolling papers, kratom, cbd and some locally blown glass.


The Convincing Actor

Lavender McCaffrey is a photographer and experimental musician based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their photography seeks to document and subsequently make abstract lengthy explorations of urban New Jersey as a means of mimicking their own queer body's self-navigation. Their pieces reject a history of irony in photography in favor of a rigorous sincerity that is as eery and disarming a critique of art history's exclusivist intent as it is a meticulously coded celebration of self-acceptance and its parallels to the diversity of north Jersey.